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Our story is very Middle Eastern. Like the true free spirit of Arabia - being dynamic, modern and inviting, we identified the growing consumer need in GCC region for new FMCG brands from across the world. Global Alliance International (GAI) was formed purely out of passion to serve this need and utilize our expertise. GAI is more than just another trading partner for brands, we deliver much more than that. From developing brands in retail space, managing and operating bakery divisions in supermarkets to evolving a social media plan that is measurable , GAI works with local partners in the region to develop sales process, procure products, brand design to POS to launch activation. We have extensive presence in industrial cleaning & hygiene products also.

Global Alliance International

* Global Alliance, nurture young, promising companies and accelerating growth by providing access to middle retail ecosystem and our in-house expertise. We’re looking for tomorrow’s world-beaters in FMCG space. We represent them in the GCC markets.

* Our core team have started businesses and led companies themselves and are now devoting that experience to help newer business to be established in GCC region.

* Our sector experts are leading voices in their fields with the ability to create opportunities and advise challenges, issues and solutions in operating in Middle East markets.


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