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A consortium of all the professional and aspirants being a part of the Club to stay connected and be updated of the technology to then be benefited.

A consortium of leaders, experts from each sector, initiators, influencers, professionals, makers, consultants, researchers,3D printing solution providers and technology cos.


Doctors, Surgeons, Scientist, Engineers, Architects, Researchers, Makers, Auto Designers, Fashion Designers, Artists, Product Designers, Manufacturers, Start-up, Academicians, Students, Consultants, Software companies, 3D printer manufacturers, Material companies, 3D printing service bureau, Design Institutes, Research institutes etc.

Felicitation of 3D Printing World Community Club - Associate Members

Dr. Berokh Khoshenvic, Director, University of Southern California, Sir Ratan Tata and Dr. Shibu John, Founder, 3D Printing World

Some of our registered Members

Name Profile Category Industry
Dr. Jaya Rathore Dentist Professional Medical
Dr. Swapil Pande Prothodontist 3D Printing Service Bureau Medical
Dr. Abdul Hahmeed Implantologist Professional Medical
Aditya Kumar 3D Printing Service Bureau 3D Printing Services ALL
Dr. Ajinkya Pawar Dentist - Endodontist Associate Member Dental
Dr. Bhagyashree Thakur Pediatric Dentist - Peodontist Associate Member Dental
Dr. B Srinivasan Prothodontist & Maxillofacial Surgeon Professional Medical
Mitesh Shah Consultant 3D Printing Materials ALL
Shaneel Shah 3D Printer Manufacturer 3D Printing Services ALL
Mahesh Dhoka 3D Printing Service Bureau Associate Member Medical/ Automobile
Dr. Suresh Ludhwani Maxillofacial Surgeon Professional Medical
Dr. Dinesh Jain 3D Printing Service Bureau Associate Corporate Member Dental
Alok Anil Next Big 3D 3D Printing Service Bureau ALL
Ashish Mittal 3Shapes 3D Scanners Medical
Yash Mevada 3D Printer Reseller and Designer Associate Member ALL
Gopal Krishnan 3D Printer Manufacturer Professional ALL
Sagar Shah 3D Printing Service Bureau Associate Corporate Member ALL
Dharmesh Ravl Materials - Mahindra & Mahindra Associate Corporate Member Auto & Engineering
Anuj Nandu 3D Printing Service Bureau Associate Corporate Member Medical
Tom Paul MTECH in Additive Manufacturing Professional ALL
Rajneesh Shinde 3D Software Associate Corporate Member Automobile, Engineering, Aerospace, Design
Pramesh Chokshi 3D Printer Manufacturer Associate Member ALL
Rajesh M Monotech Systems - 3D Printer Reseller Associate Corporate Member ALL
Dr. Pravin Shetty Orthodontist, Smile Aligner Associate Member Dental
Professor Abhijeet Raut Associate Professor, GH Raisoni College of Engineering Associate Member ALL
Ankit Murarka 3D Printing Service Bureau Associate Corporate member ALL
And many more members in the club.....

Subscription Category

  • Students - From engineering, medical, Dental college, Design institutes, Architecture college and all educational institutes ...etc.
  • Professionals - Doctors, surgeons, Engineers, Scientist, Architects, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Trainers, Enthusiast, Sector representatives, Artist, Researchers etc.
  • 3D Printer Service Providers - 3D Printer manufacturer, Reseller, 3D Software cos, 3D Printing Service providers, 3D Printing Consultants, Material cos and solution providers.
  • Associate Member - They are active members from any of the above three levels. They may be a student, professionals or a 3 D Printer Service Provider. Here the sole intend is to work in confluence actively for training, development, business referral and events. Business referral can be for machine, software, material or any consultancy. The representation will be as an individual person. And each members will represent their Sector and city. We have CHAPTERS for each city. Also International Chapter for members representing from countries.
  • Associate Corporate Member - Here the deliverable is similar to the Individual membership. But the role is wide with the Organisation registering with the 3DPW CC. The eligibility is for 5 members from the organisation with different profile, expertise, application knowledge to represent as ACM.
  • International Associate Member - The Membership is for International respondents individual or company who will work in confluence with the consortium for research, development, innovation and business. They will also represent as key members of their respective country for business and affiliation subsequent planned by Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions in the form of events or engagement planned in their country.
    They will also join our events as representatives of the technology innovated in their country to be introduced for business affiliation in India for identifying resellers and distributers. They will also act as intermediary for technologies made in India to promote in their respective countries for future ties.


  • STUDENTS are aspirants who will want to join and learn the technology with the latest development happing in the 3D printing technology. They are students from Design, Engineering and Medical background. We have institutions, college and researchers all participate and conduct workshops, training programs as scheduled organized by Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions.

  • PROFESSIONALS are the end users of the technology from Doctors, Surgeons, Engineers, Designers, Architects, Consultants etc. who as a member will be updated of the initiative planned by Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions on an ongoing basis. And professional who feel the events are relevant to their sector would then participate in the event for great insight and knowhow. The members are also benefited to be a strong networking community for benefiting through discounts when participating in event conducted by Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions and other services provided in terms of PROTOTYPING for medical, engineering, Architecture model making etc.

  • 3D Printing Service Provider - (3D printer Manufacturer, Materials, Scanner , Software cos. etc).
    Members joining from the 3D Printing technology will get to connect with the end user of the services.

  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERS will act as a key member with a strong representation in the club to work in confluence for training, education and business to benefit from the association.

    • 1. Associate Member - (Individual) - will be a single participant who may be students / professional / 3D Printing service provider.
    • 2. Associate Member - (Corporate) - will be 5 members from the company.
    • 3. Associate Member - ( International) - will have minimum one and maximum 5 who could represent their respective country or can be from India.

    All the Associate members individual, corporate or International will represent as KEY MEMBER'S of the 3D PRINTING WORLD - CHAPTERS for state, city or country as International Members. They are active Associates representing important cities in Delhi, Noida , Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, cochin and Trivandrum which are currently active. Many more cities and country representation to be added as we progress building the platform and the initiative as one integrated consortium for all the sectors first time in India.

    3D PRINTING WORLD HR - Is another initiative first time in the country to identify Human resources for the 3D Printing industry where companies would be looking at trained professionals from 3D Printing to be recruited. The activation will start within the community with students from Engineering, Design and Medical joining the club. And Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions will act as a facilitator for the right candidature.

    3D Printing World Awards - Recognising excellence in 3D printing across sectors. Members would get to participate and nominate for new innovation and categories relevant to their sector offering service. An opportunity to get recognition for the efforts made through the first platform in the country.


We would appreciate your participation and support to join the Club for being a part of the consortium to learn, share and be updated of the end user's expectation from the technology from our events and initiatives planned. As a privilege the Club members from the students, professional category will be offered first cum first opportunity with discounts as a delegates and Companies in 3D Printing Services as Patron delegate with be offered exclusive discounts for all the initiatives we plan. The Club membership also acts as a strong data base of like-minded respondents interested in the 3D Printing.
Please find below the 3DPW Community Club - Subscription form once accorded to be filled and submitted.
The payment can be made through NEFT. And an invoice will be prepared and send to you once the registration of the community Club subscription is done.

Registration Form

  Students Professionals
3D Printer Manufacturers,
Service Bureau, Software etc. (SERVICE PROVIDERS)
Associate Member International Associate Member
(Any other Country representation other than India)
        Individual Company Individual / Company / Corporate
INR 850 + 18% GST = 944/- 4000 + 18% GST = 4720/- 8000 + 18% GST = 9440/- 14000+ 18% GST = 16520/- 25000 + 18% GST = 29500/- INR 40,000 + 18% GST = 47,200/-

Please Note: The subscription fee is a token for beginning a part of the 3D Printing World Community Club for learning and sharing the insights of the technology through our platform supporting the initiatives, creating awareness for promoting this futuristic technology benefiting everybody.

Payment Details

All payments in India Rupees (INR) to be made Bank Name : State Bank of India

in favor of ‘Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions ’Beneficiary Name: Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions

through A/C payee Cheque / DD payable at Account No :33911180450

Mumbai or NEFT/ RTGS in the SBI Bank account details shared. IFSC/ NEFT/ RTGS: SBIN0011670

MICR Code:. 400002184

GST No: 27AFUPJ9046C1Z4

For Online Payment gateway you may click the below link and pay the amount for booking.
Payment option: Debit Card,Credit Card,Net Banking,Wallets,UPI,BHIM,Pay, secured by Instamojo and Approved by RBI

  • 1.The club subscription is an entitlement of your membership with 3D Printing World Community Club to be updated of the technology with new and upcoming initiatives proposed by Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions.
  • 2. A Strong consortium of leaders, initiators across industry with 3D Printing technology experts for networking and information exchange.
  • 3. Professionals from all the specialization from doctors, engineers, architects, designers, scientist, makers, consultants, IT and manufacturers.
  • 4. As a privilege all club members will get the first cum first cum preference and discount offered in 3D Printing World events and conference.
  • 5. Suggestion on programs and initiatives for upcoming start ups and professionals with the insights about technology offered as a consultant.
  • 6. Sectorial representation as Associate Member for Individual and Companies – Aerospace, Medical, Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Automobile, Art, Fashion, Jewelry, Design, Makers community, education and others.
  • 7. Associate Membership: Will represent as a key member supporting the club and working in confluence for initiatives planned together for technology enhancement from various insights for business and awareness. The members would get a chance to be titled in all the communication with with their name and details as a key member representing their city and states and also international representations for a title CITY - STATE and INTERNATIONAL CHAPTER with a 3D Printing World Community Club Badge. A felicitation program is also held for all the Associate Members in our proposed events conducted regularly.
  • 8. Company Membership: Company will get sponsorship discounts for promotion and display of innovative technology in the events planned.
Terms and Conditions
  • 1. Registration will be confirmed upon the receipt of registration fees.
  • 2. For Students booking the details of the respective college and institute needs to be shared with the Identity Card.
  • 3. No refunds will be made on cancellation.
  • 4. The Subscription is valid for 2018 and in case of continuity would need to be renewed for the subsequent year.
80+ Professional Advisors
162+ Associate Members
18+ Events
13+ Sectors & Industry