Organic products

Organic products

We have been farming, processing and marketing organic products for 7 years and have helped pioneer the organic food industry. Over the years Green Oxygen company earned a reputation for quality, honesty and respect in the local organic community as well as in International trades. Today, Green Oxygen Organics (GO Organics) has grown by maintaining a vision and perseverance, staying true to sustainable practices with strong partnerships to supply world market.

Our Primary Products
            1. Organic Honey
            2. Organic Turmeric (for medicinal purpose)
            3. Organic Sugar 
            4. Organic Rice 
            5. Organic Cheese 
            6. Organic fruits
            7. Organic Meat
            8. Organic chicken Eggs           

Fruits Available round the year:
            1. Organic Banana
            2. Organic Papaya 
            3. Organic Pineapple
            4. Organic Sweet lime & Lemon
            5. Organic Mangoes

Vegetables Available round the year:
            1. Organic Garlic
            2. Organic Tomato
            3. Organic Potato
            4. Organic Onion
            5. Organic Drumstick
            6. Organic Carrots

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