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Conference, Show(Exhibition) & Awards

To be held on 8th December 2018 @ THE ORCHID HOTEL, 70-C, Nehru Road, Near Mumbai Domestic Airport, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400099.

Sectors & Industry Focus

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Health & Medical
  • Dental
  • Orthopedics
  • Fashion
  • Jewelry
  • 3D Bioprinting
  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Art
  • Manufacturing
  • Automobile
  • Training
  • Design
  • Gadgets & Gizmo's
  • Entertainment
  • Engineering

3D Printing World Conference & Show

Chief Guest

  • Shri Subhash Desai

    Minister of Industries, Govt. of Maharashtra.

  • Speakers

    • Dr. Jayesh Bellare

      HOD, Chemical Engg, IIT Bombay.

    • Prof. Dr. B. Ravi

      Institute Chair Professor at IIT Bombay

    • Dr. Shiva Shankar

      Director, Confident Dental Laboratory Pvt

    • Dr. Vaibhav Bagaria

      Orthopedic Surgeon, Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital

    • Dr. John Nesan

      Managing Director, CTARS

    • Arpan Saluja


    • Dr. Ravi M

      Senior Principal Scientist, CSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt of India

    • Dr. U. Chandrasekhar

      IIT Bombay, Former Additional Director - GTRE DRDO & Director ESCI

    • Dr. Dhananjay Kumar

      Managing Director, Thor Power Corporation, Allentown, USA

    • Ashok H Varma

      Founder, EFESTO Group

    • Rafiq Somani

      Area Vice President - South Asia Pacific & Middle East, ANSYS

    • Dr. Dhananjay Kumar

      Managing Director, Thor Power Corporation, Allentown, USA

    • Vijay Pankhawala

      Director, ARAI ( Govt of India)

    • Dharmesh Raval

      Component Development & Materials Management, Mahindra & Mahindra

    • Kaushik Mudda

      Co- Founder, Enthereal Machines

    • Anuj Prasad

      Founder & CEO, Desmania Design

    • Abhishek Kalra

      Application Engg. Manager,
      Altem Technologies Pvt. Ltd

    • Satish Gokhale

      Managing Partner, Head Product Design, Design Direction.

    • Anuj Prasad

      Founder & CEO, Desmania Design

    • Pankaj Gauba

      Head - Digital Manufacturing Group – India & Middle East – Autodesk India Pvt Ltd

    • Vinod Ivan Noronha

      Director, Supreme Enterprises

    • Dr. Anuj Maheshwari

      Vice President, Reliance Industries

    • Arun Kashikar

      Vice President, Research & Development, Tata Housing

    • Ar. Roshan Cherri

      Beyond Sustainable Ambassador, Cherri DDC, Australia & Qatar

    • Stafford Carrington

      Founder, 3D Building Print

    • Adithya VS

      Co- founder, Tvasta Group

    • Rajiv Popley

      Director, Popley Group

    • Dr. Rekha Rana

      Professional Artist.

    • Deepak Singh Poojari

      Senior Application Engineer, Altem Technologies Pvt. Ltd


  • Dr. Shibu John

    Founder & CEO - Trinity Group

  • 3D GRAPHY A GLOBAL PLATFORM - 3d Printing Training, Education, Research, Technology Consultation, Medical service and Franchise
    • Dr. Shibu John

      Founder & CEO - Trinity Group Promoter, 3D Graphy

    • Dr. John Nesan

      Managing Director, CTARS 3D Graphy Franchise

    • Dr. Dhaval Pandya

      Implantologist & 3D Graphy Franchise

    3D PRINTING TECHNOLOGY WITH INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES - For Dental, Bioprinting, Lifescience, Pharma, Medtech - India & Ireland
    • Dr. Vishal Dakhole

      Vice President, IDA IRELAND - The Government of Ireland's Investment Promotional Agency

    • Alok Medikepura Anil

      Co-Founder, Next Big Lab


    India is beginning to see the most innovative methods of 3Dprinting to match with its Requirement for skill and development to make smart inroads for successful growth in the country. So it means anything you think or imagine can be printed using these 3 D printers. This eventual explains the credit line of our logo –

    “3D Printing for All – Creative Imagination made Real”.

    3Dprinting or additive manufacturing is a process for making a three-dimensional object of almost any shape from a 3Dmodel or other electronic data source primarily through additive processes in which successive layers of material are laid down under computer control. A3Dprinter is a type of industrial robot.

    The Applications are many, including architecture, construction (AEC), industrial design, automotive, aerospace, military, engineering, dental, orthopedics, medical industries, pharma, biotech (human tissue replacement),fashion, footwear,jewelry,eye wear, education,geographic information systems,food,packaging, FMCG, entertainment, art and many other sectors.

    Today, we can use 3Dprinting to manufacture anything from a personalized cup to airplane components. Some ambitious forward-looker shave even applied the technology to print fully functional houses in Amsterdam. And this is only the beginning. According to McKinsey Global Institute, this technology is projected to represent a $550 billion industry by 2025. Diving deeper in to its impact, we can point to a few areas of key interest.

    The advent speed brings greater ability to go from concept to product, with the added benefit of being able to cost-effectively show multiple variants of the product to decision makers throughout the process, reducing last minute runarounds and costly changes. This new paradigm presents diverse benefits. For instance, in the aerospace industry this could mean less time waiting for specialized parts meaningless time making a loss for a grounded fleet. For the medical field, it could mean that a highly specialized surgical implant arrives in time to save lives.

    NASA astronauts have installed the world's first zero-gravity 3Dprinter on the International Space Station (ISS). With the 3Dprinter, astronaut scan experiment with additive manufacturing technology in micro gravity. The printer, developed by California-based space start-up Made in Space, was sent to the space station as part of SpaceX's fourth cargo resupply mission in September. “3Dprinting may allow us to email hardware to space instead of launching it,” says Niki Werkheiser, 3D printing project manager at NASA. So this will now give rise to “digital warehouse” where products can be downloaded and printed in labs located anywhere. These will not only affect products but also companies. Today, companies spend millions of dollars researching just-in-time manufacturing, while stockpiling components in case of shortfall.

    The shifting landscape will change the dimension and universe of businesses that rely on the traditional method of mega factories and several suppliers to build products. Take LEGO for example. Today their business model revolves around selling bricks that only they hold the license to manufacture and distribute.If the company was to change its strategy from selling bricks to selling assembly instructions, they could drastically reduce operating costs. Customers could print the parts they needed at home, while LEGO begins positioning itself as a toy design company.

    In the story of India’s aspiration for economic expansion the quest is for fast development infrastructure.

    In the background it is also imperative to identify various application using 3D printing which has also gained some good learning for professionals in the country.With the first 3D Printing World Expo held on 9th & 10th October in 2015 we have conducted 14 different events for sectors from Dental, Maxillofacial, Orthopedics, Bio-printing, Architecture, Automobile, Engineering, Design, Manufacturing, Education in 2016-17 regularly conducted to share the insights benefiting through our events. We have also formulated different platforms for students, professionals, 3D printing services providers and our partner with 3D PRINTING WORLD COMMUNITY CLUB and now with the conference to be planned on 8th December 2018 to be held in Orchid, Mumbai

    An event with parallel conference covering all the sectors benefiting from 3D Printing will be conducted with display, Workshops, Students and Corporate engagements programs followed by the 3D PRINTING WORLD AWARDS 2018 to felicitate the achievers.

    The project falls perfectly in line with the vision of the government of India for development of manufacturing through the MAKE IN INDIA and SME sector where the technology will also give them the opportunity to support the prototype model to be created faster with less turn round time with reliability, speed and efficiency. The country needs to be equipped with this latest technology to support the growth of all sectors.

    Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions have identified the opportunity to hold an event titled – 3D Printing World 2018 to understand, learn and unlearn the ways and means to attain the requirement through this platform of a day-long event on 8th December 2018.

    2018 – FINANCE BUDGET - A mention on 3D Printing & Digital Manufacturing by Shri Arun Jaitley, Union Finance Minister, Govt of India

    “Global economy is transforming into a digital economy thanks to development of cutting edge technologies in digital space, machine learning, artificial intelligence, internet of things, 3D Printing and the like. Initiatives such as Digital India, StartUp India, Make in India would help India establish itself as a knowledge anddigital society. NITI Aayog will initiate a national program to direct our efforts in the area of artificial intelligence, including research and development of its applications,” Jaitley said in his speech.

    The FM further added that the combining cyber and physical systems have great potential to transform not only innovation ecosystem but also the economy. The government this year plans to ramp up investments in research, training and skilling in robotics, AI, Digital manufacturing, big data analysis, quantum communication and IoT. The Department of Science & Technology will also launch a Mission on Cyber Physical Systems to support establishment of centres of excellence.

    News Source : Business Standard.

    The event will be deliberated on below key points – (session to be TBD accordingly)
    • 1. What are the key points to ensure that the 3D printing industry market really grows in all major sectors?
    • 2. A proper course structure to be initiated by the training institutes.
    • 3. Benefits of the technology in Medical, Health care, Dental, Orthopedics, Bio-printing, Pharma, Aerospace, Defense, Engineering, Architecture, Construction, Jewelry, Automobile, Engineering, Art, Design, Fashion, Education, Entertainment, Manufacturing and Investments.
    • 4. Investor meets a key for the new aspirants & companies who are looking at venturing in the Retail businesses & corporate businesses offering service across sector.
    • 5. Innovation to be awarded and recognized to build motivation among the sector.
    • 6. Creating manufacturing hubs for the engineers who have innovative technology to be showcased ona platform, which would be evaluated and vetted for Banks, Equity Fund Houses & Venture Capitalist to invest in?
    • 7. What would be estimated size of 3D printing industry by 2020? Measure the potential and keeping up the phase to evaluate and lead the industry through the 3D PRINTING WORLD COMMUNITY CLUB a year on year annual event.
    • 8. 3D Printing with faster execution and response. TMMS to keep promoting the initiative through the Community to connect and keep updating and measuring the industries growth – Efficiency, reliability and adaptability.
    • 9. 3D Printing World Community Club membership
    • 10. A panel of top key stalwarts and industry experts from the industry to be a part of the 3D PRINTING WORLD - ADVISORY COUNCIL.
    • 11. Adaptability and learning of the entire mechanisms with the software, hardware and programming methods to be a part of the forum.
    • 12. Designing methods to be shared on a platform where companies will conduct Workshops to educate different sector heads.
    • 13. Government with institutes provide grant for the support of the technology in Research and development.
    • 14. 3D Printing World HR to create a right ecosystem for training, employment, job creation with new Small and Medium Enterprise being an active beneficiary by conscious effort for fast moving growth working with Govt. and institutes.
    • 15. 3D Printing World Awards --- First platform in the country felicitating both service providers and the end users.
    • 16. Training starting from schools, colleges and institutions. Kids and students being future implementers
    Main Hall - PRIVE

    Time Program
    08.00 am – 09.00 am Registration - 3D Printing World Community Club Conference - Tea / Coffee & break fast
    09.00 am – 09.30 am Inauguration by Chief Guest, Shri Subhash Desai, Minister of Industries, Government of Maharashtra.
    Keynote Address: 3D Printing for Industries – A Game Changer
    09.30 am – 09.45 am Introductory speech by Dr. Shibu John, Founder Trinity Media & Founder 3d Priniting World
    09.45 am – 10.00 am 3D GRAPHY – Launch and announcement
    10.00 am – 10.15 am Introduction of the 3D Printing World Community Club
    10.15 am – 11.30 am Medical & Health Care Session - Dental, Maxillofacial, Orthopedic and Bioprinting.
    Speaker: Prof. Dr. B Ravi (Moderator) - "Novel and Customized Medical Devices Enabled by 3D Printing".
    Speaker: Dr. John Nesan - Medical 3D Printing – Are we there yet?
    Speaker: Prof. Dr. Jayesh Bellare - “Resorbable, osteoinductive bone grafts with gradient structure for dental and orthopaedic bone reconstruction”.
    Speaker: Dr. Vaibhav Bagaria - “Creating a blue print for future: 3D printing In Orthopedics”.
    Speaker: Dr. Shiv Shankar - “Dental 3d printing”.
    Speaker: Arpan Saluja - “Transforming Healthcare: Implementing in-house Hospital 3D Printing”.
    11.30 am – 11.45 am Tea & Coffee break
    11.45 am – 01.00 pm Aerospace & Material Science
    Speaker: Mr. Ashok H Varma (Moderator) - “World’s largest 3D Printed Titanium parts for satellite / space launchers”.
    Speaker: Dr. Dhananjay Kumar - “Additive Manufacturing for Faster Turn Around and New Development in Aviation Gas Turbine”.
    Speaker: Dr. U Chandrashekar - “Additive manufacturing in design optimisation of aerospace and defence systems”.
    Speaker: Rafiq Somani - “New frontiers in Metal Printing through Simulation”.
    01.00 pm – 02.00 pm Lunch & Networking
    02.00 pm – 03.15 pm Automobile & Engineering
    Speaker: Dr. Dhananjay Kumar (Moderator) - “Additive manufacturing for Customised Mass Production of Electric & Autonomous Vehicle: A paradigm shift in Future Mobility”.
    Speaker: Vijay Pankhawala - “Supporting 3DP/ AM Product Development”.
    Speaker: Anuj Prasad - “Vehicle Customisation”.
    Speaker: Dharmesh Raval - “Reduce Time to Market in New Vehicle Development Cycle Time Through Innovation in 3D Printing”.
    Speaker: Kaushik Mudda - “Power of Hybrid Manufacturing for the automobile and engineering world”.
    Speaker: Abhishek Kalra - “Beyond Prototyping and Impact on Shop Floor Efficiencies”.
    03.15 pm – 04.30 pm Design, Manufacturing & Training
    Speaker: Satish Gokhale (Moderator) - “3D Printing – an integral part of the design process for designers”.
    Speaker: Pankaj Gauba - “Future Of Making”.
    Speaker: Anuj Prasad - “Character Design through 3D Printing”.
    Speaker: Vinod Ivan Noronha - “3D printing for Design & manufacturing”.
    04.30 pm – 05.30 pm 3D PRINTING WORLD AWARDS 2018
    Parallel Hall - CHANCERY 1

    Time Program
    10.15 am – 11.30 am Architecture & Construction
    Speaker: Ar. Roshan Cherri (Moderator) - “Beyond sustainbility - 2050 Architecture and 3d gold buildings”.
    Speaker: Arun Kashikar - “3D printing in construction – Perspective and Challenges”.
    Speaker: Adithya Jain - “3D Printing: Overview and the Future of the technology with a focus on India”.
    Speaker: Dr. Anuj Maheshwari - “Concrete Mix Design Challenges for 3D printing”.
    Speaker: Stafford Carrington - “How we end the housing crisis through technology”.
    11.30 am – 11.45 am Tea & Coffee break
    11.45 am – 01.00 pm
       * 11.45 am - 12.30 pm
    1) 3D GRAPHY a Global Platform - 3d Printing Training, Education, Research, Technology Consultation, Medical service and Franchise
    Speaker: Dr. John Nesan
    Speaker: Dr. Dhaval Pandya
    Speaker: Dr. Shibu John
       * 12.30 pm - 01.00 pm 2) 3D PRINTING TECHNOLOGY WITH INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES - For Dental, Bioprinting, Lifescience, Pharma, Medtech - India & Ireland
    Speaker: Dr. Vishal Dakhole - “Prospects of Investment in Ireland”.
    Speaker: Alok Medikepura Anil - “3D Bioprinting and Precision Medicine”.
    01.00 pm – 02.00 pm Lunch & Networking
    02.00 pm – 03.15 pm 3D GRAPHY - BUSINESS MEET
    03.15 pm – 04.30 pm Jewelry, Fashion, Art & Entertainment
    Speaker: Deepak Singh Poojari (Moderator) - “Applications of 3D scanning”.
    Speaker: Rajiv Popley - “Utility of 3D Printing in Jewelery & Design”.



    Chancery - 1


    Chancery - 2


    Delegate Registration

    3D Printing World Community Club Member will get a privilege discount of 10% on the delegate booking fee.
    Registration Fees
    Students Professionals 3D Printing Service Provider
    INR 2500 + 18% (GST) = INR 2950 INR 4000 + 18% (GST) = INR 4720 INR 8250 + 18% (GST) = 9735
    The above rate is a standard fee for all the participants except for 3D printing World Community Club members who will be offered the respective discounts as per their membership.
    International Delegate Fee USD 125
    Registration Fee - Category:

    1. Students - Engineering, Architecture, Medical, Dental, Design Institutes, schools and others.

    2. Professionals - Doctors, Surgeons, Engineers, Architects, Scientist, Researchers, Designers, Developers, Makers, Consultants, Artist, Trainers, Entrepreneurs, sculptors, manufacturer or any other professional respondents who are end users of the technology and form any sector.

    3. 3D Printer Service Providers - 3D Printer Companies, 3D Software Co, 3D Scanner co, 3D Printing Service Bureau, Material Co, 3D Printer component manufacturer and other who are providing service in 3D printing.

    According to the category you may book your delegate registration.

    Please Note :

    1. Fee covers access to the event with refreshments and lunch.

    2. Registration will be confirmed upon the receipt of registration fees.

    3. Registration for 2 and more sessions, for students no extra cost, but an extra fee of INR 1500 for Professionals, INR 2500 for 3D Printing Service Providers.

    4. For Students booking the details of the respective college and institute needs to be shared with the Identity Card scanned and sent to

    5. No refunds will be made on cancellation.

    Modes of Payment:

    All payments in Indian Rupees (INR) will be made in favor of “Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions” through account payee cheque /DD payable at Mumbai. For Online transfer (NEFT/RTGS) details as below:

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    For Delegate Registration in 3D PRINTING WORLD 2018 – Conference.
    Please write to or call Jeffson Nathan on 9004801802.

    For Exhibition / Sponsorship / Speaking opportunities & Display of 3D printing products and solutions in the 3D PRINTING WORLD 2018 – Conference.
    Please write to us on or call Dr. Shibu John on 9867682002.
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